In just a moment, I am going to reveal to you the top-secret software system that we have discovered, refined and perfected – just for you…

That is going to have you generating fresh new, highly targeted prospects every day –
On autopilot
AND – most importantly, give you the tools and training to quickly convert these prospects –
Into PAYING customers.

But first, allow me to ask you a couple of quick questions to determine if this opportunity is right for you…

  • 1 Do you own a product or service that you sell to local clients?
  • 2 Do you own a product or service that you sell online?
  • 3 Do you want more paying customers?
  • 4 Do you own any of the following digital products?
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    • . . .
  • 5 Do you want to make more income (or even START) making money from the investments you have made into products like this over the years?

(Because these products don’t make money sitting on your desktop!)

  • If you have answered yes to any of the above…
  • Or you own ANY product which gives you the opportunity to sell to local clients…
  • If you have EVER purchased a white label product…
  • If you have EVER purchased a commercial licence…
  • Or if you supply services or products to local businesses…

You’re not alone.

Shane Brooks here.

We all need paying customers.

In fact, I recently conducted a survey with my customers.

All super smart marketers like you –

And I asked them what was the ONE THING they needed more than anything in their business right now…

The one thing that was going to help their business and profits more than anything else,

And the overwhelming response – in fact, more than 80% said exactly the same thing…

Was help with getting MORE PAYING CUSTOMERS.

More paying customers that they can sell their products and services to -

And it gave me a great idea…

Introducing ALCE

Become A Customer-Getting Hero In Any Locality

ALCE is a simple, effective two step system,
  • That takes all the hard work, time and effort out of you getting highly targeted leads
  • PLUS gives you the tools to turn those fresh new leads, into long-term clients, quickly, profitably and with less fuss than ever before.

Let’s Have a Closer Look Inside the ALCE System You Are Going To Get…

And Check Out How It’s Going To Improve Your Business For The Better Forever.

Your 2 Daily Steps To Success with ALCE


Run Your ALCE Leads Report To Get New Prospects

It literally couldn’t be simpler.
Input Your Niche
Input Your City
Input Your State / Area
Select Your Country
Press Submit

Go make a cup of coffee and when you come back, in just 30 minutes or so, you will have yourself a complete list of all the exact prospects you want in your exact niche in your exact locality.

Company Names
Email Addresses
Telephone Numbers
Best Contact Names
    And so much more…

All at your fingertips, ready to:
Add To Your Mailer or Autoresponder –

    All with just one click!

DO this every day and you will soon have more prospects to turn into clients in your area (actually ANY area in ANY country of the world) that you want to target – than you can handle.

And adding them to your ever-increasing database of highly targeted leads – exactly who you want to make your customers.

We support the following huge list of countries:

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So Now You’ve Got Your Constantly Growing List Of Prospects…

Now All You Need To Do Is To Turn Them Into Paying Customers…

And That’s Exactly Where Part 2 Of Our Insanely Effective System Comes In…


Run Your ALCE Analysis Reports To Turn Your Prospects Into Paying Customers

Your ALCE Analysis Report is going to do some amazing things for your business and your reputation.
It’s all you need to create a super-professional, detailed (they are around 30 pages!), money-handing-over, trust building report for your new prospects is their website address.

All luckily, because of ALCE Leads – you already know who to contact!

ALCE Analysis will AUTOMATICALLY create a stunningly detailed report which is essentially a website ‘health check’.

Showing your prospect exactly what they are doing well with their website…

And EXACTLY where they need you and your services.

It even gives them a grade! (And let’s face it, no one wants to be anything less than a straight A – not when it comes to things that make them money!)

ALCE Analysis will give them a report which details:
Site Speed
Meta Tags
Alt Tags
Keyword Density
Mobile Friendliness
And everything in between.

It even comes with a helpful ‘Knowledge Guide’ for each section detailing what your client’s ideal should be. Making it even easier for you to pitch your services in these areas.

ALCE Analysis will give them a report which details:
Branded With Your Name And / Or Logo
Personalised With Your Choice Of Message.
Signed Off With Your Contact Info.

For added professionalism.

It’s easier to show you the impressiveness of a ALCE Analysis report than to talk about it.

So Simply Click On Button Bellow To Experience A ALCE Analysis Report For Yourself

You Can Generate A ALCE Analysis Report In Just One Click –

But For Your Clients (And Your Profits!) It Is Going To Make A World Of Difference.

  • Build Trust And Confidence With Clients
  • Make You Look Like The Total Pro That You Are
  • Explain Everything In A Way Your Prospect Can Easily Understand
  • Are Factual, Detailed and Reliable
  • Provide Proof And Justification For The Services You Need To Sell
  • Make You Stand Out From Scammy Emails Offering Fake Web Services!
  • Tip Your Clients Over The Edge To Invest In Your Services With Confidence

Your ALCE Analysis Report Turns You From A Salesperson Into A Marketing Hero.

When your customers see the value you can provide – all written down for them in black and white – they will be clamouring over themselves to hand over their money to you.

You Can Use ALCE Analysis In Two Ways

Provide Your Prospect With A FREE ALCE Analysis Report To Tip Them Over The Edge Into Working With You And Paying For Your Services

Provide the reports as a paid service.
A website quality check.

By charging a nominal fee to run a ALCE Analysis health check for your prospect,
They will assign more value to it.
They will buy your report to assign a mark of quality for their site –
Only to find that (spoiler) there is A LOT they can improve –
People LOVE to strive for perfection, so they will want to get that ‘A’ Grade –
Especially when their website is responsible for making their income!

Buy Now

With ALCE Analysis

  • You Differentiate Yourself From The Countless Wannabes Sending Scam Emails Falsely Offering Prospects To Improve Their Websites.
  • You’re Turned From A Salesperson Into A Trusted Advisor.
  • You’re Turned From A Salesperson Into A Trusted Advisor.
  • You Become A Proven Consultant That Knows Exactly What Needs To Be Fixed.

Instead Of Desperate Selling

  • Showing your customers that you know exactly what service they need to improve their own profits from their website – and you have the proof to back it up.
  • You want every one of your potential clients to get an A Grade site mark – and with that, your clients know that you are focussing on them and their needs – NOT simply on sales.
  • This is also a great way to get clients for life. As customers that trust you and know you are in it for the right reasons come back, time and time again.

ALCE Gives You BOTH. All The Prospects You Could Ever Need AND The Tool To Turn Them Into Customers For Life.

Turning You Into A Local Marketing Hero.

BONUS: This Is NOT Just A Two-Step Software Program…

This Is A Three-Step Software And TRAINING Program…

We are also going to include a ‘Quick Start’ Guide. This gives you everything you need to get started generating leads at the click of a button AND turning them into customers super-quick.

As we discussed earlier, the amazing opportunity that ALCE presents you with, has very kindly been provided by Justin Anderson and his incredible team

  • Justin has allowed you access to the exact same system he has been using to successfully bring in hordes of fresh new leads every day and continuously sell his web services to happy, satisfied clients.
  • This is not something we can offer to too many people –
  • So, this offer really is for this exclusive offer period only.
  • Meaning this is your only chance to get access to it.
  • IF Justin decides it helps so many people, he wants to continue to sell ALCE as a service (and at the moment, there are no plans to…)
  • And WILL be for a MONTHLY COST as there are huge server and team costs associated with this software –
  • And Justin is sucking up this cost for this exclusive offer to help smart marketers like you to take your businesses and profits to the next level.
  • Take the opportunity and run with it. You deserve it.
ALCE - One Time Purchase



14 Day "Double Your Money Back" Guarantee

If in the first 14 days you don't like the system - for whatever reason I'll give you ALL your money back with this guarantee.

Even better, if you use our tools actively for 60 days, work with our support team and for whatever reason can't get them to work I will refund DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. This is the type of deal you don't ever see and I can only make this because we already have so many thousands of successful customers using our tools. Your purchase is literally no risk.

P.S. You have already seen how ALCE and its unique, effective three-part system is going to generate you fresh new prospects daily, in your chosen niche, in your chosen locality. AND then provide you with incredible ALCE Analysis Reports to turn your new prospects straight into paying clients. Click Here to get started.

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